Wawel Dark Chocolate Mints



American-style mint "patties" offer nostalgic appeal, but even the upscale versions leave the chocolate connoisseur feeling disappointed...until now.  Polish confectioner Wawel offers the ultimate makeover using century-old techniques and impeccable ingredients including REAL mint.  Intensely refreshing, with none of that troubling artificial aftertaste, 15 individually-wrapped mints delivery a wallop of pleasure that will elicit shouts of "Before Eight!" 

Save 10% when you purchase a case of 16.

Warm weather concerns: It’s too HOT for CHOC! At checkout, please select “insulation/ice” and we will package your order for safe arrival. (We continue to provide the equivalent of free ground shipping, but this service is not suitable for temps above 75 degrees.) If you would like to discuss options, call us M-F @ 888-865-5841.

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