'Truffle Basket' Xtra Dark French Truffles


Intense to the max! This all-butter truffle recipe takes the chocolate experience to new heights. A taste of Xtra Dark truffles is guaranteed to satisfy the cravings of dedicated chocolate connoisseurs. (Made without tropical oils.) Best-by 10/1/2020.

During summer months, even though we provide free UPS > $35 per destination, you must add the cost of insulation/ice to ensure safe delivery of delicate chocolates. To purchase the desired service, please visit “Hot Weather Shipping” and add to your cart. If you have questions, email Info@BonCourageGourmet.com or call 1-888-865-5841.

To help you estimate suitable quantities:
Small Cooler holds up to (12) 50g boxes, or up to (2) 200g baskets;
Medium Cooler holds up to (33) 50g boxes, or (8) 200g baskets;
Large Cooler holds up to (92) 50g boxes, or (21) 200g baskets.

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