Stock up for next Easter and Save. Italian Milk Chocolate Eggs are dated "best by May 31, 2019."


Only premium milk chocolate here, no waxy filler, and no worrisome plastic toys inside like some of the competitors’ eggs. Small size measures 5” tall (12” with foil) and weighs 50g/1.8-oz; large egg is 100g/3.5-oz and stands 6.5” high (15” overall). Foils colors vary.

Warm weather concerns: It’s too HOT for CHOC! At checkout, please select “insulation/ice” and we will package your order for safe arrival. (We continue to provide the equivalent of free ground shipping, but this service is not suitable for temps above 75 degrees.) If you would like to discuss options, call us M-F @ 888-865-5841.