Transatlantic Assorted Belgian Chocolates - Gift Wrapped Box


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Ice/Insulation Included! Free shipping > $35 per destination.

Enjoying the decadence of Belgium’s most famous export has never been easier, more delicious, or more beautiful. Transatlantic Chocolate Assortments are glamorously gift-wrapped and ready for giving. Inside the box are 4-pc trays, each tray sealed to keep flavor and freshness at their peak in an appealing display. We offer three sizes: Small 50g box holds 4 lovely pieces; Medium 100g box cradles 8 distinctive pieces; Large 200g box displays 16 unique flavors. Best-by dates range from Jan thru May 2021. Transatlantic Chocolates are also available from fine food retailers nationwide. FOB prices without shipping: 4-pc Small Box $4.95; 8-pc Medium Box $7.99; 16-pc Large Box $10.95.

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