Belvaux Luxury Belgian Amusettes




“Amusette” just has to be among the world’s most wonderful words -- and Belvaux has honored it to the ultimate this year, producing hands down the most exciting new item on the chocolate scene. Belvaux’s 10g Amusette tablets are the perfect size for the ultimate healthy indulgence – TINY calorie counts (50-55 per serving) and HUGE satisfaction for the serious chocolate lover. Belvaux’s commitment to product quality and exacting detail includes super-premium ingredients, expertise in craftsmanship, finesse in flavor profiles, luxurious mouth-feel, extraordinary attention to packaging and presentation. But that’s not all. At $5 per 8-piece box, Belvaux offers a rich adventure that is easy to enjoy. Choose the 3-flavor Milk Chocolate Assortment, the 3-flavor Dark Chocolate Assortment, or the 8-flavor Assortment with one of everything. And for the dark chocolate enthusiast, there is also an 8-pc box of all-75% Extra Dark tablets. Available separately are Extra Dark 75% tablets in larger sizes, plus a 50-pc Sampler of all eight flavors.

Warm weather concerns: It’s too HOT for CHOC! At checkout, please select “insulation/ice” and we will package your order for safe arrival. (We continue to provide the equivalent of free ground shipping, but this service is not suitable for temps above 75 degrees.) If you would like to discuss options, call us M-F @ 888-865-5841.

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