Belgian Chocolate Heart Tote


[52 pieces, 21-oz]

Belgian chocolate is a special pleasure you can share with someone special. We’ve assembled a shimmering assortment of Brussel’s best for your bae. Our gold tote presents three beautifully gift-wrapped boxes for any occasion, each a classic example of the Continent’s confectionary fame: Transatlantic 16-pc Belgian Chocolate Assortment, Trefin’s Mocha Chocolates, and Nautilus Belgian Chocolate Seashells made with dark, milk and white chocolate and a creamy hazelnut filling.

Warm weather concerns: Nobody wants fine chocolate to melt! For shipments traveling thru temps higher than 75°, we will provide insulation and ice packs at discounted prices. If in doubt, we recommend that you:

  • Select “warm weather shipping” at checkout, or
  • Give us a call to discuss options 888-865-5841 Monday-Friday.

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