Belgian Chocolate Creams - Orange 60% Off



A beloved tradition in their home country, these unique confections have been affectionately called “Belgian Snowballs” for generations, apropos in a country that is consumed with quality chocolate. New to the American scene, these light-as-air morsels are almost impossible to describe. Featuring delicately orange flavored centers with a harder outer chocolate shell which is lightly sugar-dusted, tasting is believing. 3.52-oz boxes hold approximately 8 pieces. Best by 12/3/2020.

Warm weather concerns: Nobody wants fine chocolate to melt!  For shipments traveling thru temps higher than 75°, please visit “Warm Weather Shipping” from our homepage. Please notice that prices differ for zips 8000 and over. If you have concerns or questions: give us a call to discuss options 888-865-5841.

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