Gift-Wrapped 48-piece Belgian Amusette Sampler



Amusettes are the perfect size for the ultimate healthy indulgence – TINY calorie counts (50-55 per 10g tablet) and HUGE satisfaction for the serious chocolate lover. Belvaux’s commitment to product quality and exacting detail includes super-premium ingredients, expertise in craftsmanship, finesse in flavor profiles, luxurious mouth-feel, extraordinary attention to packaging and presentation.  For your convenience, we offer the large 48-pc Sampler gift-wrapped. 

Best by date 11/16/2019.

Warm weather concerns: Nobody wants fine chocolate to melt!  For shipments traveling thru temps higher than 75°, we will provide insulation/ice packs at discounted prices.  If in doubt, we recommend that you:

  • Select "warm weather shipping" at checkout, or
  • Give us a call to discuss options 888-865-5841 Monday - Friday.


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