Belgian Napolitains


Belgian Napolitains are one of those good things that come in small packages. Each individually-wrapped square of premium Belgian chocolate is approximately a quarter ounce—just right to satisfy a healthy chocolate craving. The big kilogram bag (35.2-oz) holds 144 pieces in an assortment of milk chocolate and dark chocolate with orange. Perfect to please a crowd… or to keep a discerning chocolate lover well supplied. Limited supplies remain at our sale price -- fine Belgian chocolate for $.04 per piece!

Warm weather concerns: Nobody wants fine chocolate to melt!  For shipments traveling thru temps higher than 75°, we will provide insulation/ice packs at discounted prices.  If in doubt, we recommend that you:

  • Select "warm weather shipping" at checkout, or
  • Give us a call to discuss options 888-865-5841 Monday - Friday. 


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